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The sailor's corner
Posted on April 5, 2018

On a slight rocky hill facing the Riás Baixas, a little village with a sailor charm stands up quiet. Combarro seems to be the place where the main traditional elements of Galicia come together in a recovered composition. The grey stone, the typical hórreos and a crucifix in every corner.Taking the main road parallel to the sea, a series of tight roads run down to the water. 

Those alleys have been used in the past in the best reasonable way by the sailors. On both sides, the hórreo, an essential element of the traditional Galician home. Used to store agricultural products, their singularity, in this case, is due to their position on the coastline, which generates a unique landscape. Made with the local grey stone, it is a symbol of these lands and its structure could appear more like a crypt than a storage. The access is by wooden staircases and one of the most interesting aspects is a rounded shape stone based on the top of each leg, used to avoid the entrance of rats.

If we think about the dimension of the village, probably this is the place where to find the maximum density of hórreos. Walking through the village, the presence of traditional porch houses is persistent, with their stone column and wooden doors. Enter in one of the bars can be a good excuse to try the great local cuisine, full of seafood, meet and the local Albariño white wine. 

Sometimes, the ancient humid stones come back from the ground as dominant elements, mixing themselves with the built environment, revealing the Celtic soul of this land. Combarro is a surprise, in which taste just a little piece of Galicia but with an intense flavor.