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The tallest cultural blending
Posted on April 17, 2018

"You must climb the Giralda once in your life!" Those were the words of a Gypsy man who wanted to sell us tour bus tickets. So, the climbing seems to be a real must experience when you go to visit Sevilla. The tower is one of the many evidence of the Moorish culture that pervades the city. Probably the most impressive, the tallest. 

Designed as the minaret of the great mosque when Sevilla was the capital of Al Andalus, it looks like a history book. The lower part of it follows the Moorish style used in many examples of the African continent, instead, the top is the result of an XVI Century addition including more bells. Furthermore, on the tower is possible to read both statements from the Holy Quran than from the Holy Bible. A real evidence for the culture blending of this city. 

Once out of the huge Cathedral, the smell of orange blossoms occupies the nostrils and a multitude of orange trees adorn the patio. With one hundred meters high La Giralda watches the city from above. Only thirty-six ramps divide us from the top. Fortunately, the Sultan wanted to get to the top using his horse, so they decided to build ramps instead of steps.

Once inside, a series of windows allow us to watch outside the Cathedral's roof, with its domes, pinnacles and flying buttresses. 

On the top, the view is gorgeous, a white stain of buildings with their brown roof play the main role. Many hidden terraces are now revealed and the main icons of the city appear clear.